James Watson






James Watson

Born in Glasgow, Scotland.

Trained at Drama Studio London and Focus Theatre Studio, Dublin.

Acting credits include...


Dominic in Summer Solstice (ITV), Duncan Idaho in the Dune mini series (ABC/Sci-fi), John the Bouncer in the Bollywood film Take 3 Girls, Squiggy in Prince William (ABC), Tidgh in Mystic Knights (Fox), Hugh de Lacy in WW: Grace O'Mally (Discovery), John Lewers in Red Rose (Palm Tree), Malcolm in If Silence Should End (Brazen Film/RTE)  and Doctor John McEwan in Fair City (RTE).


David Wylie in What every woman knows (Manchester Royal Exchange), Jordan Doyle in Sticks and Stones (Bridewell), Argyll in Macgregor (Bridewell), Mark Renton in Trainspotting (Starting Gate), Man in Making Love to Yorick (Samuel Beckett Centre, Dublin), Morroco in Europe (CAC, Dublin), Brian in Dark Places (Andrews Lane, Dublin), Duggie in Life (Edinburgh Fringe) and Jesus in Michael Scott's  Mysteries 2000 (SFX, Dublin, which brought together Irelands leading playwrights to collaborate on a 3 ½ hour epic production)

He co-founded Celtic Mouse Productions. His directorial debut was with the play ‘Sixteen Words for Water’ (nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award). He has produced five short films, two of which were short listed for Oscar consideration. Having attended the Royal Courts 'Over 26 writing course' last year, he’s currently writing his first play titled ‘The Bothy’.



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